Did you know that stress only manifests itself when something occurs that you care about, when there’s something on the line for you? ‘Stress’ and ‘meaning’ are inextricably linked. You don’t get stress from things with which you have no emotional connection. You can’t build a meaningful life without experiencing stress.

Follow you stress like a compass

At Center for Resilience we are convinced that in addition to negative effects, stress also has a positive impact. The reason why Center for Resilience is so unique is that our approach is based on the opportunity created by stress. We use stress as a healthy warning sign, like a compass.

  • Stress can be transformed into a positive
  • Stress helps you find job satisfaction again
  • Stress helps you deal with career issues

Unique neurobiological approach to stress

Stresscrafting®: to be used when stress symptoms manifest themselves

Insourcing®: staff with stress that has a negative impact on their (re)integration into the work environment


Center for Resilience is a foundation you can build on:

  • Powered by Prof. Dr. Elke Van Hoof
  • Recognised, accredited career guidance center
  • Average satisfaction score of 9/10
  • Unique, scientifically-based neurobiogological approach
  • Innovative digital monitoring: a process of continuous improvement
  • User-friendly and accessible solutions tailored to you business
  • Pragmatic approach with a touch of humour

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