Become an expert consultant in well-being policy and help businesses boost the well-being of their staff. Turn organisations into a perfect place to work.

It pays to have a well-being policy

Our Human Capital Management® training teaches you how to elaborate and roll out a well-being policy. Burnout and stress specialist Prof. Dr. Elke Van Hoof is your guide.  

Your expertise as Human Capital Manager®: 

  • You proactively develop a strategic well-being policy.
  • You know the inns and outs of career reorientation and career guidance.
  • You coach staff and executives in their return to work.
  • You are an expert in well-being and job satisfaction.

For whom?

Professionals dealing with stress-related care issues: HR, coaches, psychologists, GPs, executives...

Take our Human Capital Management® training 

  • Take scientifically-based modules enriched with practical examples, cases and exercises.
  • You complete the trajectory at your own pace.


You obtain the certificate of Human Capital Manager® provided you:

  • Complete at least the following training modules: 2-day training Stresscrafting®, 2-day training Insourcing®, 1-day training Well@work, 3-day training Chief Happiness Officer and a training course in HR analytics.
  • Pass ‘Human Capital Manager®: module 6 certification’.

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