Staff who are out due to stress-related issues. Colleagues who are struggling with stress symptoms. Work that has be reorganised. Growing conflict... Every organisation is faced with these problems. Now more than ever.

A unique, scientifically-based approach

Here at Center for Resilience we start from the opportunity that stress brings. By transforming stress into a positive we contribute to the well-being and job satisfaction of your staff and the development of your business. Our unique approach is registered under the Stresscrafting® trademark.

A well-being policy custom-tailored to your business

First things first. We find it important to get a feel for your company and that is why we want to learn more about your objectives. Subsequently we elaborate a strategic well-being policy together.

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Our well-being initiatives

  • A well-being barometer to help restore the job satisfaction of your staff
  • The elaboration of a strategic well-being policy that is perfectly attuned to the strategic objectives of your company.
  • The implementation of a strategic well-being policy from A to Z
  • In-house training of well-being catalysts (staff specialising in well-being, job satisfaction and/or return to work)
  • Keynote ‘Stress as an opportunity’
  • Awareness sessions for staff
  • Training for executives
  • Workshops for staff on how to transform stress into resilience
  • Business coaching on how to identify alarm signals
  • Return to work (including the treatment of toxic stress)
  • Executive coaching

Online training "Stronger With Stress"

Would you like to teach your employees how to become stronger with stress? Then you could implement our online training "Stronger With Stress" into your well-being policy. This online training is available in three languages (Dutch, French & English). Contact us for more information or a demo.

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Center for Resilience is a foundation you can build on:

  • A variety of work methods: face to face, online, webinars, blended approach ...
  • Average satisfaction score of 9/10
  • Unique, scientifically-based neurobiogological approach
  • Innovative digital monitoring: a process of continuous improvement
  • User-friendly and accessible solutions tailored to your business
  • Pragmatic approach with a touch of humour
  • Support close to home
  • The program takes just days to complete

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