Stress-related issues are becoming commonplace. More and more staff are out for longer periods. The pressure on staff, employers, businesses and organisations keeps intensifying. Well-being is a full-fledged industry that occupies a growing number of professionals.

A unique, inclusive approach

Here at Center for Resilience we always start with the absence from work due to stress-related problems and we treat both staff and executives. Thanks to our scientifically-based approach registered under the trademark Insourcing®, staff regain a sense of professional competency.

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We guarantee:

  • Insight into absenteeism
  • Insight into the staff-to-patient process triggered by stress
  • Insight into the difference between affliction(s) and the incapacity to work
  • Insight into legislation regarding absenteeism and return to work
  • Insight into the facilitation of the return to work
  • An activating approach to reintegration
  • For psychologists: an insight into the intention-to-return-to-work protocol
  • For psychologists: an insight into non-verbal interventions for psychologists
  • For psychologists: Insourcing® and return to work protocol with the option of obtaining an Insourcing-Catalyst licence.

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Learn how to manage long-term sick leave and prepare the return to work for staff, executives and their team.