Very transparent explanation about stress and resilience, with an in-depth insight into the workings of the brain. It was very clear what factors cause stress and what you can do about it. A very coherent package with genuine depth, geared to our shop floor. We’ve been making good use of the topics that were discussed.

Executive, ARCADIS

Leidinggevende, ARCADIS

Meanwhile many of my colleagues at work have asked me all about what we do with you, the approach, etc. I really feel we’ve learned a lot from you. I just wanted to tell you that a number of my colleagues thought your exposé was captivating and spot-on.



Thanks ever so much for the discussions, assignments, tips, talent list, ... It has proven extremely useful. I’m not there yet but in truth, I can’t remember the last time I was this self-confident. This coaching trajectory deserves a thumbs up. Thank you! It’s a worthy addition to the ‘Wow, I’m so great’ scrap book.

I.W., coachee

I.W., coachee

We were presented with a clear picture of what’s involved. Thanks to the odd bit of humour you had people hanging on your every word for more than two hours straight.

HR, Roularta Media Group


I’m doing really well, I’m back on track now. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the insights you’ve given me. The coaching concept is very enjoyable and supportive, always with a positive outlook. The fact that support was available for my husband and children avoided a lot of tension at home.

Former patient

Elke Van Hoof has built a wealth of scientific knowledge that she shares with profound inspiration and boundless enthusiasm. The satisfaction scores across all levels and divisions were over 90%. Months after the inventions the topic is still very much alive. Highly recommended!

HR Director Belgium, Quintiles