Staff often experience stress when they are stuck in their career, with all the resulting physical and psychological consequences. However, stress can also be used as a healthy warning signal, as a compass that helps staff navigate career issues.

A unique neurobiological approach

Here at Center for Resilience we base our approach on the opportunity that stress provides. We consider your role as a career consultant a crucial link in the facilitation of well-being and job satisfaction. We know it works.

Center for Resilience is a foundation you can build on:

  • Average satisfaction score of 9/10
  • Recognised, accredited career guidance center
  • We act fast and keep our finger on the pulse
  • Unique, scientifically-based neurobiogological approach in accordance with the insights and principles of Prof. Dr. Elke Van Hoof
  • User-friendly and accessible solutions tailored to your business
  • Pragmatic approach with a touch of humour
  • Support close to home

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