How can I enjoy my job again? Does my job suit me? Would I be happier in a different job? How can I bring variety to my work? How do I stay motivated? How can I get back to work? A career change for an over-45? We’ve all faced career issues on occasion. Do not simply ignore them, do something about it.

A unique neurobiological approach

Here at Center for Resilience we use stress as a healthy warning signal, a compass that helps you navigate career issues. Discover our scientifically-based approach that is based on the opportunity that stress provides. This way we can help you find job satisfaction again. We know it works.

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The answer to all your career issues

  • FEASIBLE WORK: work pressure is too high, stress, signs of a burnout, ...
  • RELATIONS AT WORK: you have a hard time getting along with one or more colleagues, a team leader, ...
  • JOB TARGET: you want to know what job and/or statute (employed or self-employed, ...) truly suits you.
  • MEANING: you want to experience more satisfaction, pleasure or challenge in your work.
  • REFLECTION ON QUALITY: you want to know what your strengths and weaknesses are and how to deal with that.
  • REFLECTION ON MOTIVES: you want to know what’s important in your job (values, interests and motives).
  • WORK/LIFE BALANCE: you want to create a better balance between your professional and private life.
  • JOB MARKET SCREENING: you want to gain an insight into the job market.
  • LEADERSHIP: you have questions on promotion, demotion, leadership …
  • GROWTH AND CHALLENGE: you want to discover how to put your talents/competencies to better use.

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Please fill in the required data so we can contact you. We need your address details to pair you with the nearest career consultant. We start with a 30-minute introductory interview. If you decide to embark on a path with us then your personal details are stored for the duration of our collaboration. If not then all data are deleted after the introductory interview. We’ll be expecting you.


The Center for Resilience is a foundation you can build on:

  • Recognised, accredited career guidance center
  • Average satisfaction score of 9/10
  • Unique, scientifically-based neurobiogological approach
  • Innovative digital monitoring: a process of conitnuous improvement
  • User-friendly and accessible solutions tailored to your business
  • Pragmatic approach with a touch of humour
  • Different work methods: face to face, online, blended approach ...

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