Staff often experience stress when they are stuck in their career, with all the resulting physical and psychological consequences. However, stress can also be used as a healthy warning signal, as a compass that helps staff navigate career issues.

A unique neurobiological approach

Here at Center for Resilience we base our approach on the opportunity that stress provides. We regard career guidance as a powerful tool to facilitate well-being and job satisfaction in your business. We set goals together and work on relaunch and growth. At the end of the program we advise the coachee, executive and HR on how to achieve the desired result.

Center for Resilience is a foundation you can build on:

  • Recognised, accredited career guidance center
  • Different work methods: face to face, online, blended approach ...
  • Average satisfaction score of 9/10
  • Unique, scientifically-based neurobiogological approach 
  • Innovative digital monitoring: a process of continuous improvement
  • User-friendly and accessible solutions tailored to your business
  • Pragmatic approach with a touch of humour

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